The mystery of the corpse in the basement


If you want to pick up incredible stories, buy 5 bottles of vodka in the evening and sit in the kitchen drinking with a former investigator. Guarantee that before the morning will open mouth listen to one another’s stories that could Tarantino to film. Here is one of them!

When the investigator went to the corpse. According to duty-the»crime». Honestly, it happened that the police believe was not very reliable. To distinguish «crime» from the usual «skoropostizhno» they could, if not clear signs (for example, a knife in the back).

According to the duty officer who knows the district, are: the basement of a private house, with a closed outside door, on the floor of which lies the charred corpse, therefore, murder. OK, gather a group and go to one of the villages of our city education.
On the spot met the policeman again raskazali about what happened, and what caused the neighbors, suspecting something wrong with living alone, missing eye a few days ago.

Okay, went to look around.

The house consists of a sturdy one-story building, with a recessed ground floor. Side made as though the pit and descend to the ground floor-basement, stairs to 3. There was a door with a padlock. Characteristically, the door was secured with a metal bar on the outside, but what remained a gap of a hand width. The floor in the basement was podtopleny a couple of inches. On the floor lay a man of about 65, dressed in the belt, in the area from the groin to the knee, traces of thermal influence, roughly speaking, as if burned. A puddle on the floor of a frozen something, like plastic, and lying around an iron bucket with traces of feces.
Well and further as in the well-known American movie, describing the circumstances leading to fatal consequences.

Inspecting the premises and interviewing neighbors have established the following: the victim lived in one house, in the home served themselves. In the basement room of equipped facilities-toilet in a zinc bucket. That is strange-just a bucket and all.No stool, chair or toilet seat.

As the house was in the vicinity of the village pond, in the spring of the year potapovica, and, therefore, was equipped with a likeness of the drainage system-water under the Foundation was going somewhere and borehole through the hole in the basement, it is pumped out by pump «spring».

The deceased for the administration of natural needs was down in the basement, used the bucket on purpose, but he also included a pump for pumping water.

On the day of death there are a number of coincidences that led to the death of: the spring season, high groundwater level, a metal bucket, «bugs» in the dashboard, a faulty pump. There was such a picture: as usual went down to the basement, stuck his hand outside and closed the door, resting her pin, but not blocking.

Went into the room, lowered his pants, sat on the bucket. In parallel, turn on the pump immersed in the well, ( just a hole in the concrete floor). At the time the well was already overflowing, and the pump, pump out a small amount of water «sparked». Distance from the well turned out 10 inches. The water flowed and closed in a bucket. As the meter had «bugs», it is not immediately knocked out. For some reason, has not worked to protect the substation is not known. Only remained ecowaste a long time, turning the bucket into a kind of electric chair. Plastic around turned out to be bolognini pants that drained from the feet of the deceased. It’s possible that would still be alive if the machines worked, or would not be a spring, or a normal pump, or ….

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