Overheard ! Childhood #5 (1 photos)


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As a child, wearing giant glasses. Of course, when I went to school, I began to tease. Especially prominent was the one fat kid, and I was very considerate and couldn’t tell him that he’s fat. When he once again brought me, for me, it made the teacher)))



When I was 8 years old, I went for a weekend to a favorite aunt, she took me to the hairdresser where I got a haircut caret and pierced ears. Parents do not allow. At home, of course, cut saw, poohali. But the earrings mom and dad saw a month later. I myself secretly in the bathroom cut punctures. The haircut was designed to mask the ears. The prank failed. When all was revealed, went with dad to choose the earrings.



In early childhood somehow found out that you can bind a bumblebee on a string, it will fly on a leash, even the instruction was: to catch in a matchbox, give half to climb out and tie the string. Because childhood the action was well done, even happy. But father came and asked the question: «how to untie you?» Shock, fear, confusion, murder of the bumblebee, tears. More I never hurt, remember those feelings for a lifetime…


Brazen girl

In my childhood I was a very brazen kid and like all kids, picked up all sorts of things adults. I come back from school and ask my mom to pour me tea, to which she answered, of course, in jest: «I Got it». The next day the teacher asked me to wipe the Board at recess, and it is clear that I answered. However, she didn’t appreciate my humor, and in the evening we with mum sat at the Director and laughed, the three of us. Mother did not scold me)



When I was a kid, my mom was blonde, but suddenly decided to dye my hair. I about it knew nothing. When she came home, I didn’t recognize her and threw a fit. Reassured me, saying that it’s the same mother, but to convince me it was impossible. In General, my mom had this day to dye my hair back. When she came, I tearfully told her that we came to some kind of alien aunt. Still with a smile remember this episode from my childhood 🙂


The world

When I was seven years old, I lived in a tiny room with her younger sister and parents. I literally «lived» at their second bunk. It was my world. I slept on plastic toy soldiers, mixed with the crumbs of crackers, was all painted and Wallpaper was pasted all around posters. Nights sweating over a laptop that barely pulled «Heroes 3» and heat the entire room. Sometimes with me lived rabbit Stepanida. I was setting up her lair and began the siege with his Legion of toy soldiers. Childhood…



I miss childhood years in a small town. When lived quietly, without closing the door, if closed, everyone knew that the key under the Mat. When you can easily come to the neighbors for Breakfast, because with friends semolina tastier. When all the children were under the care of the neighbor’s grandmother; has always been the one who smear zelenkoj your knees, dress warmly, and if the parents are on duty, and to sleep take. It is a pity that we now share the miles and the years.


Uncle Troll

I was three, I was playing with live chickens that sat in the pelvis. Came uncle Vova, still the old Troll and said, «It’s the ducks, they need to swim!» Head got together with uncle Vova, parents all night they are dried so they don’t die)



Dad was returning from a flight, we arrived at night, brought a couple of Guinea pigs. At night he so well celebrated return and early in the morning, with a hangover, went to watch there animals. And how did he fuck when he saw not two but three pigs… Then his words: «I Know that I bought two! And here sits this three! With eyes, teeth and chews quietly with everyone! As it should be!» In the end, I woke up this morning and found out that became a happy owner of three pigs. A casket just opened: the female was pregnant, the night was delivered, and the kids are born with open eyes and with formed cutters. Can eat solid food almost immediately.



In Junior high I was often confused on the letter «B» and «D». So writing in various works of the preposition «for» always pleased my teachers.

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