In the southern Urals more than a month can’t find a missing contractor

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Soldiers do not get in touch with relatives more than a month (archive photo)Photo: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU

Chebarkul (Chelyabinsk oblast) of the military unit has lost soldiers-contractor nail Kudryachev. 23-year-old soldier does not communicate for more than a month.

«He [the nail Kudryachev] lived in the city and on January 11 left the pieces on the weekend. Monday did not come to work. On Wednesday evening we got a call and said he was gone» — quoted the soldier’s mother Zemfira Kidricevo.

The mother claims that the guy is unavailable the phone. According to her, in the service of Naila had some difficulties, but so far she doesn’t want to announce the details. Next week parents want to come to Chebarkul ‘ to find out where the nail. The mother of the abducted contractor said that in the military unit she was asked not to go to the Prosecutor.

Kidriceva added that the son is lost not for the first time. Last year he disappeared when he worked at the plant in Magnitogorsk, but then it quickly found. After that nail went to serve in the army under contract.

In a press-service of the CVO URA.RU replied that official comment about this will be given later.

Earlier URA.RU wrote that from the military unit Chebarkul gone another contractor — 22-year-old Permyakov Andrey Obukhov. He left the military unit on 11 November 2019. Later it was found in the Crimea. The young man himself got in touch with the relatives and informed them about his location.

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