Creative pillow for sweet sleep and not only


Sleep… only three letters, how much meaning! It’s something to dream about workaholics and moms in the decree, and that from which refuse children in kindergarten (blasphemy!). What you need for a good night’s sleep? No, in addition to a complete silence and darkness. Of course, soft comfortable bed, a warm blanket and Her Majesty Pillow. Below you will see examples of the most unusual pillows, which, incidentally, is perfect for not only sleep in a soft bed under a warm blanket. In General, in these pillows is a sin not to sleep!


Pillow — bloody puddle.Yeah, so it is better not to sleep in public places or in dark alleys.

Pillow napkin holder.In case you fall asleep in tears… or if you have a bad cold.


Let’s face the truth — have you ever struggled with sleeping at your Desk. Maybe it’s time to give up, and do it stylishly?

«Multiproceso» cushion for those who are uncomfortable to sleep on your back.


Cushion knees.Uh-uh… well who are we to judge? The main thing — that was convenient!

In case of important reboot.

The pillow-book.Must-have accessory for every child who wants to convince parents that worked so hard on homework that they fell asleep.

Pillow alarm clock.This pillow becomes brighter and brighter and wakes you up slowly but creatively.

Cushion-fish.Amazing — you will be this original pillow. But if you also still a lover of fishing — the choice is priceless.

Pillow-cover.If you want to get on the cover of the journal, should start with the bed (what an ambiguous phrase).

Pillow «thinking of you».To know who someone is dreaming.

Pillow-shark.And not only cushion, but also a sleeping bag — you just need to let it «eat you».

Pillow-mustard.Perfect hint for those who eat on the couch.


Don’t believe your eyes and bravely fall upon them! The expression «this bed is like a rock» suddenly takes on a very different meaning.

Throw pillow.A great way to show those who live with you under one roof, how do you feel in the moment. You can buy different emotions and share them while watching a movie, without interrupting his chatter.


Looks delicious.

Pillow stash.Ideal for storage of valuables. Well what a thief would think to check the pillows?

Pillow «white collar».More precisely, the tie. Pillow that you can wear to work! Well, in theory. Something tells us that employees may suspect that here something not so.

Cushion the laptop.Connect this pad to the laptop and it will inflate with warm air from the computer. Cozy, isn’t it?

Pillow remote control.You can click on the channels without leaving your couch. Moreover, such control is unlikely to be lost!

Cushion beam.

For lovers of nature. And let this be the only log in the your bed.


Pillow with tablets.Tablets not included, but let that not stop you, if you want to push the pillow on the black market.

Pillows for diabetics… or a sweet tooth.

Cushion to play Scrabble. It will be the most comfortable and relaxing party!


In the future everyone will be wearing pillows on your head and sleep where they want, because that is the meaning of freedom!

Pillow pizza.Attention! The pillow possible side effect in the form of uncontrollable hunger in the morning.

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