What threat is salt-filled cartridges, and is there any General sense


Remember the good old Soviet movie «the Caucasian prisoner». In one of his episodes, the main characters were punished antagonist shot him with a shotgun with salt. Then the court sounded ironic phrase: «Thanks, I’ll stay». This raises a natural question: and whether it is possible to make salt rounds for shotguns and how they can be formidable when firing on the man.

Equip the cartridge can be at least water. |Photo: yandex.lv.

Important: if you do not want to have problems with the law, in any case do not try to make salt rounds and even more to shoot them at someone or something.

To notify the answer I would like the old pioneer one. Serezha – 10 apples, Peter has 5 apples and 2 pears, and If half the packet of salt on the backside. Question: who was the last to climb the fence collective garden? Jokes-jokes, but the salt rounds for the shotguns really be done and they will work correctly. Of course, the salt weighs very little and has a disgusting penetrating ability, however, at small distances it will be quite a formidable traumatic means.

Salt can zhahnut on 20 meters. |Photo: heaclub.ru.

To make salt rounds for shotguns, it is enough to disassemble the cartridge and instead of fractions to add salt. Characteristics of the ammunition can vary greatly depending on the size of the salt crystals. The finer the salt, the less will be the artisanal long-range cartridge. For example, the sort of «extra» (the smallest salt) will lose almost all of its effectiveness after 5-7 meters. However, if to add salt the third grinding with crystals with a diameter of about 4 mm, the range of the salt cloud, it will be 10-15 meters. For comparison, the fine fraction on a duck has nearly the same diameter of 4.5 mm.

Salt breaks jeans, what can I say about the skin. |Photo: youtube.com.

It is also worth noting that salt is capable of inflicting quite severe injuries. In a small distance, even a small salt crystals fine are tearing the soft tissues of the human body. In addition, being in the wound salt will be very much to burn. Without timely medical care to result in such a prank can be very bad. To see the potential of salt as a traumatic munition in the video below. In no case do not try something similar yourself.

Not laste in other people’s gardens! ¦Photo: yaplakal.com.

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