A resident of St. Petersburg escaped from quarantine coronavirus (1 photo)


Read today in the news that a resident of Petersburg, unhappy that her two weeks were sent to the quarantine coronavirus, voluntarily left the Botkin hospital.
After escaping the police, representatives of the hospital made no attempts to find her.

The woman arrived from China on January 30. Like the rest of the passengers arriving from China, at Pulkovo airport she took my temperature and checked for the presence of possible symptoms. The doctors advised the girl at the slightest indisposition, seek medical help. On 4 February the citizens of St. Petersburg with a sore throat and she called an ambulance. No «criminal» symptoms in the patient is not found, but soon home to her visited the staff of the CPS, who asked the woman to continue the Botkin hospital. Despite the fact that originally it was about a day in quarantine, in the end, the patient was placed in a sealed box for two weeks.

«I didn’t break the law to sit there in detention. And I absolutely don’t understand why I keep here this way,» says Natalia

The patient did not like it, as this ruined her plans for a trip to Finland and even some personal events. And here she was able to close the circuit of the quarantine box and hack it castle.

I’m not entirely clear if there’s any accountability for such actions? HIV seems to have a special article 122 of the criminal code., but such viruses like Chinese? How can the state oblige the patient is in quarantine?

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