Beware, Valentine’s day (17 photos)


The fever of Valentine’s Day is nearing shops and flower shops. Single ladies urgently looking for a couple to it on February 14 to spend with someone. Perhaps the most ridiculous holiday created by clever marketers to make more money on cards and gifts. We have collected different jokes on this subject, to dilute the sugary-candy mercy that will soon be flickering in all social networks.

1. Girls are divided into 2 types

2. Stir in the flower shops and the tape in social networks full of flowers


4. Take care of the smiles

5. Students have their couples

6. If you are giving something, do the right gifts

7. That’s how it is

8. While manufacturers are preparing a pizza in the shape of a heart, pack candy in boxes in the form of hearts, we found the perfect Valentine

9. Plans for February 14



12. A little romance you the tape

13. After 14 Feb



16. Men do not cease to make fun on this day

And you think February 14 is a holiday? Giving something?

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