IQOS and new collaboration


Хуан Амадор и Рене Соффнер
Juan Amador and Rene Soffner

The brand offers its adult users to start a journey into the world of new tastes. Already in this opening area can be infinite, so to participate in the project, the brand invited the world famous experts of taste: chef Juan Amador and mixologist Rene Soffner. And Juan and Renee in your approach to work share the philosophy IQOS: they use the latest scientific achievements and innovative methods for best results. «I use many techniques, which are very important to control temperature, so I am very close to the philosophy of IQOS,» emphasizes Renee.

Premiere of the collaboration was held in early February in an unusual experimental format of a journey through a world of tastes and sensations. Guests of the event were in the atmosphere of mini-performances, where installations, music, flavors and aromas complement the picture. As a nice surprise each guest was waiting for gastronomic compliments from the masters of taste.

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