736 tons of romance: Lieutenant-tanker made the girl an unusual offer


Thirteenth Feb 2020 TV channel «Zvezda» told about what is perhaps a large offer of marriage in the history of Russian armed forces. Lieutenant of the Taman division with the support of the crews of two tank companies (and, obviously, command of the division) was built on landfill Alabino giant heart out of sixteen tanks T-72B3. In the center of this romantic roaring engines figure offer was made. Girl, if anyone is interested, agreed.

In General, in love with a military — terrible force. The engagement ring in a balloon almost be sent into space, a half dozen military vehicles on the ground thrown out — and all for love! Obviously, the constant neighbourhood with various killing tools and General harshness of life a few heighten the sense of romance, giving him unimaginable by the standards of civil stayrook, wingspan.

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