17 hilarious shoals, over which you can laugh by looking


Brilliant ideas and their strange implementation.
Just to come up with something interesting and useful — is not enough. It is necessary also to bring the idea to life. Here only at this stage many have failed. How else to explain what is happening in the pictures from our today’s material. All good viewing!

1. «Why do the repair if any defect can be turned into a small work of art!»

Cheap frame, and so the crack is not a defect, but a work of art. | Photo: Zelenka.

2. «Don’t come in too fast!»

Caution, high threshold! | Photo: Pressa.tv.

3. According to Novate.ru here is very convenient to dry towels!

The «perfect» towel. | Photo: Trollino.

4. Looks like the eighth track is for beginners

The short route. | Photo: Peek-A-Boo.

5. «Yes, who needs special support, if you can show a little ingenuity and creativity»

Creative Christmas tree stand. | Photo: Differently.no.

6. For the future: never dispose of hot coals from the grill into the plastic tank!

You learn from mistakes…| Photo: Notinerd.

7. More opportunities to injure your pinkie toe

According to Novate.ru the designer of this bed hates people. | Photo: Notinerd.

8. Bath for thrill-seekers

Recommendations for use: monitor the water level and never poskalzyvaetsja. | Photo: Mossebo.

9. «We had more sauce on the space bar to pour!»

«Everything is at hand and the dishes clean!» | Photo: Trollino.

10. Is that backlighting of the sky?

The lantern which shines in the sky. | Photo: Ucrazy.

11. «You know, next time you take something to paint, things should be clean!»

Will do, if you did not look. | Photo: Zelenka.

12. Nothing terrible, just a little poisonous fugu in a package with small fish

A deadly surprise in the package. | Photo: Zelenka.

13. This is so that cyclists are not bored in the way

No road is without obstacles. | Photo: VKMag.

14. When I tired to mount sockets on one!

Built-in surge protector. | Photo: LinkedIn.

15. «Hmm, the lamp is intact, then either it is not like basketball or really bad to play it!»

Strange place for a ring. | Photo: Pinterest.

16. «Everything is under control!»

House, no pain! | Photo: Reddit.

17. «Go away, woman, giant, you have no gloves!»

Something went wrong. | Photo: SM News.

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