The 11 best anecdotes Feb


As it was not winter,

As if, as if, as if…

— Honey, what kind of test is «Ten-something»?

Is the IQ test.

— Can I pass it?

— You already are.

— Honey, did you notice what the ring on her finger? Is there a diamond carat ten!

— In does not show!

— Vladimir Vladimirovich! This is Nina Egorovna, 65, from Kostroma. We have no hot water, toilet on the street, half of the pension to pay for housing, the hospital was closed, the ambulance does not go to us. I have a question: why Zelensky is not conducive to the implementation of the Minsk agreements? Thank you, may God give you health!

— Why the Creator created life before the Big Bang?

— Yes, once time was not.

— Fima! If you still unexpectedly will appear a lion, what would you do?

— Arbitrary or involuntary?

It is unknown which is worse: being banned on Google or sagapenum in the bath.

— What do you do?

— I’m a jazz musician.

— Oh! How interesting! These are your jams, paliakkara and kurtkoti, Tritone substitutions, pentatonic, blue notes, syncopation, modulating sequence, two-track parallel harmonic connection standardaccording… I don’t understand.

— Who are you?


From email correspondence:

— Abram, in my opinion, our letters were opened in transit. Sending you the letter my hair.

— Izzy, all right! Hair got!

— Abram, and I have it in an envelope didn’t put!

— Honey, are you cheating on me?

— Where did you, dear?

— You are constantly surrounded by smart and beautiful women.

I don’t need a smart and beautiful woman, I need you.

Five of the six confirmed that Russian roulette is completely safe

You can endlessly look at three things for the price of two, wondering «why the Heck did I buy?!»

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