Mishustin began an audit of the heritage Medvedev

XVI Съезд Единой России, первый день. Москва, портрет, мишустин михаил

Mikhail Mishustin concerned about the increase in mortality among sick childrenPhoto: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin began to reconsider the legacy he inherited from the government resigned, Dmitry Medvedev. One of the first significant examples would be the abolition of the decree on the prohibition of imported drugs. Triggered by the document, the lack of effective drugs has led to an increase in mortality (including among children) and caused a wave of discontent of doctors who ran into the impenetrable pharmaceutical lobby.

To respond swiftly to the shortage of imported drugs for the treatment of rare diseases in children, Prime Minister instructed instructed his Deputy Tatyana Golikova at session of the government on February 13. «No economic benefits manufacturers can not be compared with how quickly can a child feel better and how successful he will overcome the disease. This requires quality products,» — said Mishustin. By March 12 he invited the government to submit proposals on the abolition of restrictions on the procurement of a number of essential medicines (EDL) of foreign production.

XIX съезд всероссийской политической партии "Единая Россия". Москва

«Anti-people» decision Dmitry Medvedev signed as Prime Minister
Photo: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU

An order to restrict foreign procurement of medicines included in the list (EDL), former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed in December 2015. The list includes 608 drugs that were supposed to replace analogs produced in Russia or the countries-participants of the Eurasian economic Union. It later turned out that a full and effective replacement has not occurred.

About the necessity of this decision, the doctors said a long time ago. According to the chief of Department of marrow transplantation of the Russian children’s clinical hospital Elena Skorobogatova patients-children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 15% worsened survival when only one of the generic occurred more often side effects. «We were in the middle of 2019 patients treated, and we had been denied because lacked even basic medications for the treatment of the same acute lymphoblastic leukemia», she complained. That though as-that to help with medications, charities made purchases abroad, bought up the remnants of the pharmacies.

Her words in conversation with URA.RU confirmed and CEO of the medical center named after Dmitry Rogachev Galina Novichkova: «We tried to talk about it, but we were not allowed. Said, you sum up the process». She recalled that the medications that were effective in the treatment of leukemia in children began to disappear from 2017 (total of acute leukemia annually in Russia is sick of 4,500 — 5,000 people).

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Mishustin instructed Tatyana Golikova: the priority of children’s lives, not economic benefits
Photo: Vladimir Andreev © URA.RU

«Depending on the disease from 70 to 90 percent recovered. Then the drugs began to disappear, and the results deteriorate. In the summer of last year came the climax, because many medications are generally left the market, and those without which is to cure leukemia is not. Smaller children began to reach remission more relapses. But the doctors have remained the same and regimens are the same!» — told Novichkova.

The indignation of the doctors and parents reached a peak in the early 2020. In the center of Dmitry Rogachev held a meeting, which was attended by doctors from 71 regions — a total of more than 200 doctors. They prepared for the Russian government a Declaration which showed what drugs would work and what patients have an untoward reaction.

Now, sure, the doctors, the problem moved from a dead point. The chief oncologist of the Ministry of health, General Director of «SMRC radiology» of Ministry of health of Russia Andrey Kaprin recalled that the need to develop Oncology service said President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly. «This is a very progressive step. We believe that this increases the ability to help our complex cancer patients, to expand the scheme to deepen the combined complex treatment, to replicate the scheme in the regions», — said Karpin.

Выездное заседание Депутатов Курганской городской Думы. Курган

Doctors hope that the new government measures will be able to help sick children
Photo: Igor Merkulov © URA.RU

Director of Moscow clinical research center of a name of Loginov Igor Katkov expressed confidence that the professional community, which is now engaged in the development of proposals for the Russian government, will make sure that the list of necessary preparations had been exhaustive. «Attracted leading experts in the field of pediatric Oncology, Hematology, so I think that there will be no nuances, all set in a pragmatic way, so that nothing is missed and to make an adequate decision. At this stage it is very important and will allow us to assist those children who need it,» said Katkov.

Audit and assessment of the legacy of the past leadership is not just necessary, but even somewhat traditional Russian approach, believes political analyst Dmitry Solonnikov. «The idea of support of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers were not crazy and the trend of import substitution took place. Another question that then won a lobbying group seeking to block the transfer of any foreign pharmaceuticals in favor of domestic. And this is bad, because poison the people that we are at a decent level can not produce — this is not the case. Must be attentive and punctual approach to business and the control of individual farmproduction, the government mishustina is now possible for this balance to respect,» — explained the expert.

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