Residents of the Russian city called the shaman, so that she conjured them to the Park (video)


Long live bureaucracy — loyal Keeper of the ancient folk traditions! Residents of the nine-storey building on the street Youth in the Bashkir city of Agidel, reports portal Bash.News, desperate to wait for favors from the authorities and stated my problem in a much more sublime instance.

People dream, would seem, is simple: Parking near the house. In the hope of attracting the attention of the city authorities to their needs they came to the people’s Assembly in the yard. According to the ancient custom, drew colorful posters with the requirements. «We want Parking in the yard… to Expand a little bit, so that people could somehow… Cars on the lawn are at the moment. And it’s fine then», — explains the inconsistent participant.

«We have been trying to pay attention to our house, to us at least something, some landscaping the yard you need. Well, since we had nothing to wait from the authorities, we decided to take matters into their own hands. And we even decided to resort to a higher power, he hopes no one present. We invited in our yard the best shaman of the Northern district, the best shaman, and now it is us to make some magic below us Parking was» — echoes of the associate one of the activists.

When the frame arm stretches to whisper, «Pinch me!». You see this too, reader? A shaman calls to the spirits: «Help us to Parking! Will it help?». And transmits the response: «the Spirits answered: Parking will be!». «Hurrah!» — sound applause besprovodnykh citizens.

I hope the government is still going to progress people towards. What disturb a higher power on such trifles as yard Parking and?

Video: Bash.News

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