In the leadership of the traffic police in the Urals have been permutations


Roman Yarysh went from Yekaterinburg to PervouralskPhoto: UGIBDD on Sverdlovsk area

In the leadership of the Sverdlovsk traffic police has been a serious reshuffle. The commander of a regiment of traffic police of Ekaterinburg, Colonel Roman Yarysh left the office.

«Colonel Yarysh appointed chief of police of the city of Pervouralsk. In its place, acting commander appointed Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Medvedev, who was appointed Deputy chief of traffic police of Ekaterinburg» — said URA.RU in UGIBDD on Sverdlovsk area. Also, changed several of the company commanders and battalion of the traffic police of Ekaterinburg.

Earlier URA.RU reported that a novel Yarysh wrote a letter of resignation from the regiment. Yarysh — a career military man, graduated from the Chelyabinsk higher military automobile command-engineering school. After retirement from the army came to the traffic police, where he rose to commander of traffic police. In 2013 he had a conflict with the chief of traffic police region Yuri Demin, and he left GAI in the security services. In the spring of 2017 Yarysh returned to the traffic police to the post of regimental commander DPS.

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