Doctors told, what threatens a use of alcohol on the plane

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Alcohol compounds the risk the risk of a blood clot during the flightPhoto: Anna Mayorova © URA.RU

Alcohol consumption during air travel increases the risk of blood clots in the deep veins. This was told head of Department of cardiovascular surgery Krasnogorsk city hospital No. 1 Richard Khetagurov.

According to the physician, blood clots can occur from sitting too long, especially in conditions of reduced pressure. «The situation is exacerbated if the passenger while drink alcohol», — quotes the website «Moscow today» words khetagurova. The danger is that clots often appear asymptomatic and are detected only when detached and cause embolism, leading to death.

To reduce the risk of blood clots during the flight will help linen Jersey first degree of compression. According to vascular surgeon, such clothing normalizes blood circulation.

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