Former Russian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia explained why the diplomats receive threats

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Officers of diplomatic missions often receive threatsPhoto: Alexander Kulakovskiy © URA.RU

Ambassadors and diplomats often get threats on the background of worsening relations between the two countries. This was in conversation with URA.RU said the former Ambassador of Russia in Saudi Arabia, Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, Andrei Baklanov.

Earlier, the Ambassador of Russia in Turkey Alexey erkhov said that he began to receive threats due to the deterioration of the situation in the Syrian Idlib. According to him, on the background of the conflict between Turkey and Syria, as well as taking into account the position of the Russian authorities in social media started to persecute Russian, says «Constantinople«.

«The existing international rules, ambassadors and diplomats should be withdrawn from the zone of nervousness and conflict, to do the work to relieve tension and mutual suspicion [between countries]. But the phenomenon itself is not new, it was earlier», — he explained. The expert added that such cases require an immediate response from the local authorities.

A security threat exists all over the world, but the middle East is in a special situation, considers the Balkans. According to him, the region more unstable, and the activities of terrorist elements much larger.

The expert also said that significant measures to strengthen security were taken following the assassination of former Ambassador of Russia to Turkey Andrei Karlov. «During the escalation of the political situation tightened, additional security forces, sometimes make a double cordon or the checkpoint. These measures are taken, and local authorities, as a rule, the authorities are sufficiently responsible approach to this and try to help,» he added.

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