Australian town struggling with the invasion of bats


The town of Ingham in North Queensland, reached a «critical point» after hundreds of thousands of fruit bats have invaded there in the last month. Things have gotten so bad that children are afraid to go to school, and rescue helicopters are unable to land at a local hospital.

Flying foxes also known as fruit bats, currently the Ingham outnumber people by the hundreds of thousands. And they are not the only kinds of bats that decided to settle in the city over the last month. Bats are protected by law, so the locals can’t take matters into their own hands.

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«I just feel like all the bats of Australia are now gathered in Ingham,» said the mayor of the Council Hinchinbrook you Gio.
In recent weeks the number of bats in the Ingham increased to 300 000, far exceeding the population, and, it seems, soon mouse is not going to fly. «Tornado of bats» have become commonplace throughout the city, many fell under the weight of the mice of the trees.
Unfortunately, the authorities can do very little, because bats are difficult to disperse, especially in such large quantities. All you can do is just sit and wait for the flies themselves, which, according to some experts, will take place in April.

At the time, as most of the locals complain about the invasion of bats, comparing it with the biblical plague, animal experts warn that bats play a vital role in maintaining natural balance.

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