Internet users told about what they saw on the surveillance cameras, and now I can’t forget


Every day we repeatedly find ourselves in the lenses of surveillance cameras in shops, streets, transport, etc. And whether you are interested in how people see you on the other side of the camera? collected stories of people whose work is directly connected with security and surveillance. And even those who have installed a surveillance system at home. They definitely know what can people do when they think nobody sees. Anyway, as it turned out, sometimes surveillance cameras is annoying at times.

My previous job was on a busy Boulevard, behind which was an alley. And we had a garage with access to the alley. We’ve seen it many strange, but the palm I’d give the guy who early this morning walked along the alley, suddenly stopped, went into our garage and lit a candle, left it at the wall and went out. It was strange to find in the garage of a burning candle, but viewing the footage gave more questions than answers. © S_The_Ghost / Reddit home security cameras I once saw at half past two nights the guy walking down the street, picking up butts, licking each and puts it in his pocket. It’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen. © unknown author / Reddit a Few days ago I saw in the Parking lot a guy was attacked by a goose. And I must say, the goose won the battle. © Rummy9 / Reddit

Пользователи интернета рассказали о том, что они видели по камерам наблюдения и теперь не могут забыть

«They wanted to see who broke the side mirror, so I checked the surveillance system».

My friend saw the cameras in the Mall, like two guys in the night twisted hoops. © Kodiachrome / Reddit I really was looking for a housekeeper with accommodation: in the house two teenagers, I’m with a guy always at work, and then I want to relax, not Laundry, cleaning, cooking. But all is not tested hidden camera: who scammed who went in my underwear. Shocked grandmother 60 years, which led the two guys Eastern appearance, which was cleaned while she drank whiskey guy. And she truly did not understand why she was fired, yet glistened with cleanliness, and it is not a lot of whiskey and drank. © «Overheard» / Vkontakte I work in the shopping center by the operator of a post of video surveillance. The work requires care, concentration and a good memory. After taking the change like in cameras to review how the Park I go out and go to the service entrance. Once my day was done by one passer — a middle-aged man. Somehow I managed to get out of the car and walk half way up the back to the waist pleated skirt. And that’s without tights, in the autumn chill! Half an hour later I watched it in all its glory as much as from three angles. So Naghavi me the little man on the go straightened and put I hem, not while showing absolutely no emotion, and ahead of, not even turned in my direction. Here’s your attentive and focused! © «Overheard» / VK

Пользователи интернета рассказали о том, что они видели по камерам наблюдения и теперь не могут забыть

Weird camera effect: unusual glow of a lantern and the snow under him.

Saw a chicken, which at two in the morning went to the tree. © mathiasheath91 / Reddit Live in a fairly affluent cottage. There are cameras everywhere, including in my room. Last night I was robbed. Went to the police, decided to watch the recordings from the cameras. By the way, I sleep very hard and the duvet always slides in the morning on the floor. Imagine my surprise when the thieves (there were three of them) decided to pick up my blanket from the floor and cover me with it! You know? The people who robbed me, made sure I slept well! Well… at least thanks to them for this. © «Not everyone will understand» / Vkontakte My mom worked on a cruise ship: watched the recording from the cameras and kept them in different folders. And once she saw something which she still has nightmares. One night some guy came out of the cabin and stood for a few minutes without stirring. Then he got close to the camera and about five minutes smiled at her. Mother, who saw it later said that it seemed to her that the guy looking at the camera for hours. Said it was not coming from her head. © Kn9ne9 / Reddit

Пользователи интернета рассказали о том, что они видели по камерам наблюдения и теперь не могут забыть

I worked at the University: checked the surveillance cameras. One night we were sitting with a friend of mine-guard, and during the hourly checks on the cameras, I noticed at the entrance of a man who came inside. I quickly switched to another camera And we with the guard, broke off, stared at each other: the guy was already gone. I switched to external camera on the outside it was not there. I asked the guard if he wants to go to see what’s going on, and he said, «no way!» We have reviewed security footage to make sure that everyone saw right. There was no doubt that this man was indeed in the building, but no other camera he got. About the University where I worked, often said it was a haunted house. But in ghosts I don’t believe and still don’t know what happened that night. I’m still creepy. © majones117 / Reddit My parents live in a small town in the private house, love nature and animals. They have a small coop, the chickens got their nicknames. They can discuss features or problems of one or another bird, and I even got used. Recently came to visit and was very surprised: instead of a satellite dish to the TV broadcast signal from the DVR, which is in the henhouse. Dad called it «Chicken house 2». So they figure who crushes the eggs. © «Overheard» / Vkontakte Never find places with security cameras! Previous work on replaying the recording from the camera installed in the storage terminal: what a party it was! Flying glowing white circles, boxes, which fell down by themselves. After this, being alone in this room was creepy. © «Overheard» / VK

Пользователи интернета рассказали о том, что они видели по камерам наблюдения и теперь не могут забыть

«Set up a camera with a motion sensor. At night, when no one is home, the camera is activated and shows that flies something.»

I worked in the Studio, where they came to rehearse a musical group. At the reception we had a camera where you looked through the hallway and doors to all rooms. And once I’m sitting, minding my own business and suddenly you notice the cameras on the girl who sat by the door of one of the rooms for rehearsals. She came with my band, and I thought that she did not want to be in the room because it’s noisy. And I went to offer her to go to the lobby, where there is a sofa and a TV. I turned the corner, and the girl at the door was not. I went back to the monitor on the camera she still sat and waited for the room. I went back to the room — in the hallway, girls were not. Then I realized that she could just go inside. Walk into a room and the guys tell me that this girl was already gone. I’m back to my Desk looking at a monitor — that is, it is still seen by the camera. And then it dawned on me that I accidentally pressed pause. © tylergoldenberg / Reddit a Year ago, I worked in the hostel and we had the whole building had cameras. I once saw the security camera, which is located in the kitchen. About two o’clock there came a very drunk guest, took something to eat and accidentally dropped it on the floor the empty bottle. Then he threw it into the air, kicked, and a bottle flying across the room, landed exactly in the trash. And this drunk guy threw up his hands and began to cut circles in the kitchen: apparently, I was in shock from its own coolness. And then he looked around and realized that he was alone here and no one’s seen him throw. Visibly crestfallen, he trudged away from the kitchen. © xXxwiskersxXx / Reddit

You or your friends have been cases when a surveillance camera caught something very strange, or, conversely, funny? Or maybe you even had to deal with mysticism in the footage? Was such cases a rational explanation?

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