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A few years ago was at the wedding of a school friend. Lovely couple. Beautiful wedding. More than 60 people. And at one point leading me invites you in the center of the room. Gives you a microphone and asks the questions:

— Tell me, You have already met our groom?

— Yes, at school, — I answer.

— And the bride long?, — another question from the presenter.

Yes. How they met. I think I’m one of the first to know that he had such a wonderful girl, I say.

— It’s wonderful! So You are the one who we need! Maybe then You’ll be able to remember what the first said to your friend about his at the time girlfriend? As he describe it?, — another question from the presenter.


And then I plunge into the memories. 2005. Autumn. Met up with my friend. Haven’t seen him in a few months. On the street the rain and the wind — Peter, after all. And I remembered our conversation with him. I — I. D — each.

I: Let’s go to a bar already. Nasty weather.

D: Wait, wait. You don’t mind if a chick will be with us?

I: Cho for a chick?

D: Yes, just a chick.Type meet her. She’s not very pretty, and small Boobs, but as dick swallows! A couple of months it patrahau and normal going to look for.


I usually do not slow down, but on this matter I’m normally so podzavis at the wedding)) I had something quick to invent, about how a friend said she was sweet and funny girl)

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