Top 10 extreme expedition vehicles on the planet (23 pics)


Edition CarBibles provided a list of the 10 most advanced tourism campers. Some of them are based on simple models, and others developed from scratch. Anyway, they all prepared for distant travel and are not afraid of the most difficult routes.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Camper Custom

From the factory Mercedes-Benz Zetros is a four-wheel drive truck designed specifically for operation in conditions of extreme terrain. The car is equipped with a 7.2-liter turbodiesel V6, which produces 326 HP and 1 355 Nm available from 1 200 to 1 600 R/min.

Built on the basis of the truck camper looks really brutal. Outside the car is notable for the «toothy» tires, massive chandelier in the roof and a weighty box of the passenger compartment. Despite such a harsh exterior, the interior of the camper happy home comfort and rich equipment, to compete with which will not every modern limousine.

This camper is suitable not only for regular visits with the whole family on nature, and it is quite possible to imagine the part of any polar expedition.

Global XRS 7200

Global XRS 7200 is specially designed to conquer the most remote places on the planet. This 18-tonne off-road camper has wheel formula 6×6 and the part it can be taken as a mobile command center, but the interior of the machine meets the passengers home comfort and the highest level of equipment.

In particular, the truck boasts an advanced multimedia center with power on-Board devices it uses lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged through rooftop solar panels.

EarthRoamer XC-LTS

This camper is built by the Colorado firm EarthRoamer on the basis of the chassis of the truck Ford F-550 4WD while in motion it results in a highly efficient and powerful turbodiesel. This car is not afraid of the road and can be operated at any time of the year.

Modification EarthRoamer XC-LTS has several rooftop solar panels, fuel on-Board electronics and is also equipped with air suspension, which ensures a high level of comfort even outside of public roads.

Classic SportsMobile 4×4

This camper is very different from the collection of cars and built on the basis of old van GMC Vandura 1983 issue. In contrast to the donor, this car has more sporting a raised suspension and offroad tires.

Classic SportsMobile 4×4 has also got more durable and streamlined body that is not afraid to test the roads, while the movement of the machine results in a 6.0-liter V10 engine that works in conjunction with a five-speed Torqshift transmission.

Mog Home Ziegler Adventure

The development of this house on wheels was clearly conducted with an eye on German truck-tractor Unimog, which is even reflected in the name of the model. The car itself is a tourist off-road camper class.

This means that the car provides passengers the highest level of comfort comparable to a modern sedan, while riding on it aimlessly.

Applied Minds KiraVan

The Creator of the Kemper KiraVan Applied Minds is a designer bran Ferren, Bran (Bran Ferren). The man often travels across the harsh Afghanistan, so I decided to create a car in which his four year old daughter Kira would feel as comfortable as possible. Interestingly, in the construction of such a machine and was featured on the Disney.

Kemper KiraVan is quite heavy — it weighs as much as 23 tons. This is because the car is literally stuffed with various equipment and is a true «Disneyland on wheels». Of course, no rides in there, but other opportunities abound. For example, on Board there are unmanned drones, allowing to estimate the circumcircle from the height of bird flight.

FTS 800 Expedition Vehicle

This mid-sized camper built by the Japanese manufacturer of trucks Isuzu. Based on the «workhorse» FTS 800 4×4 experts of the company have significantly changed the design of the machine and mounted on the corresponding wheel.

In the passenger compartment there are spacious enough kitchen and dining room, separate bathroom and a comfortable bed.

Camper is equipped with a 239-horsepower V6 engine and retuned suspension. However, expect off-road exploits from this model is not necessary, although outside of public roads and the car feels good.

Iveco Daily 4×4 Bimobil EX

Truck Iveco Daily 4×4 is one of the best commercial machines, which is used in many industries. Exist in nature and full campers built on the basis of this model. High ground clearance, good angles of approach and departure, as well as a locked differential makes the truck is quite suitable for outings.

Land Rover Defender Icarus

Source Land Rover Defender from the factory is a four-wheel SUV that will help you to get where other cars drive just can’t. The specialists of the South African company Alu-Cab has decided to Refine the model, making it suitable for long distance travel.

Their modification is called «Icarus» and a full motor home, it can not be called, since her salon is no sleeper. But the SUV flaunts a tourist tent on the roof, which is designed for two people to spread out / to lay down it in seconds.

Plus modification features a portable folding stove and fluorescent lamps, thus the developers have also supplied the car with solar panels, thanks to which the driver and passengers can recharge their mobile devices.

Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle

Like other models in this collection, the Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicle are developed for traveling to the most remote corners of our planet.

Made this camper specialists of Danish company Bliss Mobil, they are ready to consider all wishes of the customers with regards to the shape and size of the body. The last is made of high strength steel, and a roof again, solar panels are installed.

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