Armored truck that can withstand a real tornado (5 photo + 1 video)


Ryan Shepard bought the car-interceptor tornado, which was first used in the film «tornado Alley» and can withstand wind gusts up to 280 km/h — tested in a real storm.

Hunter for tornadoes, bought an armored car, so as close as possible to approach funnels.

This is not the usual car, whose name is the Tornado Intercept vehicle (car-interceptor tornado) and which was first used in the IMAX movie «tornado Alley» («Tornado Alley»), I bought Ryan Shepard (Shepard, Ryan). This machine, more like an armored car can withstand winds up to 175 mph (280 km/h) is tested in a real storm.

The car, which weighs 14,000 pounds (6350 kg) is somewhat similar to the Batmobile or a car from the movie «Mad Max», it was built in 2007 and the first time Shepard saw him when he worked as an assistant during the creation of the film «tornado Alley», which premiered in 2011.

Shepard bought a TIV based on a truck Dodge Ram 3500, directed by Sean Casey (Sean Casey), and then moved it from Illinois to his home in Greeley, Colorado.

Sam Shepard says that while riding on his «tank» it is often stop curious passers-by, which is very surprising a strange-looking machine.

«I was stopped quite often, almost in every state. Just curious, what is it used for, — the man told. — This concept that can come close to the tornado, a lot of fans. I was very lucky that I got this car. Many people say that he looks like a car from «Mad max», he do something crazy.»

According to Shepard, his car has a tank capacity of 90 gallons (340 litres) and can travel 800 miles (1288 km) without refueling. The car was tested in the wind from a jet engine, and when wind speeds of 175 mph (280 km/h) from this tornado.

Tornado Intercept Vehicle also has eight layers of 2-inch metal (5 cm), forming the walls, and bulletproof glass, and 10 specially made wheels.

Special rods that are driven into the ground, help keep TIV in one place during strong winds, and hydraulics covers the bottom to prevent the impulses that fall under the car, which could disrupt it up.

Shepard said that he learned to pilot when he began to get involved in the hunt for the tornado, it was still in College 14 years ago.

Now it offers tours to people who want to get closer to the storms, additionally, on my car it plans to use in their professional activities.

According to Shepard, in the purchase of this amazing car also were interested representatives of Hollywood, but Casey chose to sell brutal cars storm chaser.
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