The court sided with the security forces in a dispute with the former head of the Tyumen police by Altynova

Пресс-конференция начальника УМВД по Тюменской области генерал-майора Юрия Алтынова. Тюмень, алтынов юрий

Yuri Altynov will be under house arrest until the end of MarchPhoto: Nicholas Bastrikov © URA.RU

Tyumen courts refused to accept a complaint against the actions of security forces from the head of the regional police major-General Yuri Altynov, in respect of which criminal case is brought. The corresponding decision was published in the record of the Tyumen regional court.

According to the information presented, the General-the major Yury Altynov has submitted to Lenin district court of a complaint against actions of officials, carrying out concerning it the criminal proceedings. However, the judge Alena Vorobyova in making her refused. The decision tried to challenge in the Tyumen regional court, but then upheld. In addition, the defense of the ex-head of Ministry of internal Affairs tried to challenge his sentence under house arrest. However, the judge of regional court also left it unchanged.

A similar situation exists in the case of the former subordinate Yury Altynov, Dmitry gabova. According to the filing of cases Kalininskiy court, in December it was prolonged the term of detention with a change of the preventive measure — prohibition on certain actions. The defense has repeatedly filed complaints to the court on the production of materials in his attitude, however, they were not satisfied.

Earlier «URA.RU» reported that Yury Altynov suspect at paragraph «C» of part 5 of article 290 — bribery. The decision of the court of 22 November he was placed under house arrest until December 20, after the period of detention was extended until the end of March 2020.

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