Why in the rear of the turret for some tanks had a machine gun


Military equipment is in most cases not the same thing at least something is done just so or «beauty». Each is available in a fighting vehicle element carries not just its own meaning but also has a functional use. Take a very oddly-placed machine gun in the stern turret of some tanks during the Second world war. Even the is-2 is.

why in the rear of the turret, some tanks had a machine gun.

The machine gun in the stern turret of the is-2 was not due to the fact that this car was originally created for the barrage detachments of the NKVD. In fact, the machine gun at the rear need the tank for exactly the same reason for him, and in front, namely, to fire at the enemy manpower, unarmored or legkoplavkim machines, the suppression of firing points.

The machine gun was useful in the cities. /Photo: pinterest.ru.

Obviously, the feed tank is one of his most vulnerable spots in a fight with another tank, and during the fight with the infantry. Often tanks (both Soviet and German) were destroyed by the infantry behind it. In order to give the crew an extra chance, and it was decided to install in the stern of the tower is another machine gun for the commander of a combat vehicle.

Firepower is never enough. /Photo: photohis.ru.

Especially useful this weapon during the implementation of the breakthrough of enemy positions, as well as during combat in a locality. In both situations, the enemy infantry and then it turns out the back of the tank, so he should be able to suppress it with machine gun fire. In addition, the availability of fodder gun saves the crew from having to rotate its turret 360 degrees in a battle (which, incidentally, makes the tank more vulnerable from the front side).

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