Rusty Mercedes-Benz 300SL sold for a staggering amount (30 photos + 1 video)


In one of the old garages Los Angeles found a unique classic sports Roadster Mercedes-Benz 300SL, 1961. Now he needs full restoration. Found the car was put up for sale for 799 $ 995, or almost 50 million rubles on the current exchange rate, and he’s already found a new owner.

Production of the 300SL Roadster was launched in 1957. This particular copy is one of the 256 built in 1961. But he’s also one of the 101 roadsters for the entire period of production, painted in light blue color. All in all, until 1963 Mercedes-Benz released the 300SL Roadster 1458 copies.

It is unclear how long the car stood in oblivion in this garage, but, it seems, more than a dozen years. Storage conditions were not ideal, due to which the body is in many places covered with rust. The owner does not provide any information on the status of the power rack or floor of the body, but given the overall mediocre as a car, I think there are a number of hidden problems.

However, given the potential value of the 300SL after recovery, the cost of sales of the Roadster in this condition is through the roof. Besides the restoration also will have to spend a tidy sum.

The interior of the car also suffered quite serious, as the soft top is who all this time was in the raised position. To replace the upholstery on the seats is not so difficult, but the new owner will again have to face a pile of rust on almost all metallic elements of the interior.

But there is good news. Under the hood the original six-cylinder engine capacity of 2996 cubic centimeters with mechanical fuel injection. When the engine was new, he had a herd of 250 HP, the power is transmitted to rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether you run the engine on this 300SL.

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