Famous Kinomoto, whose members hated each other


Movie — a product of the collective, but like in any team, on set there is always conflict. Well, if the subject of the proceedings becomes neviparine a costume, poorly exposed light or absence in the cupboard skimmed milk, but it happens on set and a tough confrontation. In the finished film all the ins and outs you won’t even notice, but we will tell you about several instances of how actors may hate each other, even making common cause.

Gone with the wind (1939) / Gone with the Wind

war / drama / melodramatised: George cukor, Victor Fleming, Sam Vudu cast: Vivien Leigh, Clark gable, Thomas Mitchell, Barbara O’neil, Evelyn Keyes

1. Vivien Leigh and Clark Habitability film producer David O. Selznick and Director Victor Fleming with many firsts: the first color, the first eight-time Oscar-winner, the first by the number of tickets sold and collected taking into account the inflation of money. Why not open our today’s top? Shooting «Gone» was more of a test, and not the last role in this production hell has played leading actors who, to put it mildly, were from different leagues. Gable was the first choice of the producer responsible for the role of Rhett Butler but Scarlett O’hara had to choose from a thousand of contestants. Respectively lined and relationships on the set, gable in emphasis have not seen Lee and she said the snob in return. The benefit of internal hostility has never caused conflict, both were professionals and all the emotions invested in the game.

In some like it hot (1959) / Some Like It Hot

Comedy / detective / drama / music / melodramatised: Billy Wilder cast: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George from this property, Pat O’brien

2. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe nothing more difficult than shooting the Comedy in a subdued atmosphere of mutual hostility. In the beloved Comedy «In a jazz only girls» fun, fun and lightness were born in such agony, what to think about the film afterwards didn’t want none of the actors. Blame the black stripe in the life of Marilyn Monroe — actress suffered from an unhappy marriage, traumatic failed pregnancy, depressed and insomnia. All this could not affect the work, Monroe was late to the site, I forgot my lines and tore doubles — one of the scenes removed was only with the forty-first time! Tony Curtis had a particularly hard, it just turned green with rage when the actress tore him another day. «We all have our faults», you say? Yes, the actors wanted to strangle his partner!

Jaws (1975) / Jaws

adventure / Thriller / easyrise: Stephen Spielberg cast: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton

3. Robert Shaw and Richard Dragonology the Steven Spielberg film «Jaws,» his glory has earned not only due to dynamic scenes with a shark, but not in the last turn due to the relationship between the fisherman, the simpleton’s partial and arrogant marine biologist Hooper, the characters of Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. It turns out that the hatred between the characters sprang from the not too warm relations to each other and the actors themselves. According to Spielberg, the pair was constantly at loggerheads, if Draco is not reached, the stinging pins to the address of the fellow actors were released almost every minute. Only professionalism kept Dreyfus from open conflict, and in fact Show their daring acts of hooliganism put out the whole team, which, however, did «Jaws» is a special film.

Star wars: Episode 4 — a New hope (1977) / Star Wars

action / adventure / fantasiereisen: George Lukasu cast: mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness

4. Anthony Daniels and Kenny Bakero universe of «Star wars» there is only one couple that does not break the internal contradictions and which is almost never parted, is a lanky robot C3PO and little R2D2 Piskun. Which is fine on the screen, life was not so sweet — actors Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker, who performed the roles of «heroes», each other not seen at close range. Baker was outraged by the arrogance of Daniels, never joined the group at friendly gatherings, or simply ignored colleagues. In response, Baker, not at all embarrassed, told reporters that he does not care who is sitting in a «bucket of bolts» with which his character had to speak in the film. Is there a reason to fight?

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) / Kramer vs. Kramer

tamarisci: Robert Benton cast: Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Jane Alexander, Justin Henry, Howard Duff

5. Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Stripslashes movie about warring parents battling for custody of his son, wouldn’t be so deep and soulful, get him not the most pretentious actors. But Director Robert Benton gathered under the umbrella of his film Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman than to provide the film a success. The success grew out of the unfriendliness on the site. The fact that the Strip was unhappy with the way her character is written in the script, so the actress has made significant changes in the nature of his character, the rules of replica and re-shaping the internal conflict. Hoffman, in turn, is considered «attack» and attempt to surpass it in the frame. In addition, the Strip did not bother about the feelings of a partner, experiencing a stressful divorce at the time, Hoffman snapped, than the more inflamed the hostility to him of the actress.

Dirty dancing (1987) / Dirty Dancing

drama / melodramatised: Emil Ardolino cast: Jennifer grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach, Cynthia Rhodes, Jack Weston

6. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grady of the most successful romantic melodramas in history, Dirty dancing, and everything to do with the rhythm and choreography, would be rolling hit, to not be present in the film, the chemistry between the partners. Between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer grey a certain spark is felt, but this is not mutual love, or a warm romantic feeling, on the contrary, the actors didn’t get along. Swayze believed your partner deprived of the acting talent, in response to gray laughed at his awkwardness and clumsiness colleagues. Sometimes mutual jokes ended with the hassles that stirred up passions in the frame and outside it.

Secret files (1993) / The X Files

detective / drama / mystery / Thriller / fantasiereisen: Kim manners, Rob Bowman, David Nutter, Vince of Gilligan cast: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick, Tom Braidwood

7. David Duchovny and Gillian Andersonfree the speculation about a romantic relationship between the main stars of the series «Secret materials» David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and the reality is quite different things. Not that the actors hated each other, but also a special warmth between them was not. Duchovny really hit the detachment colleagues outside the set, but was explained by the hostility is very simple: at some point, Anderson figured in the show, it is not a full partner, and the «number two», and it gave her peace of mind. With anger, the actress recalled, not only that her salary was twice less, than Mulder, but that her character was always destined to come second. Please note, even when the characters go somewhere together, Scully always mince in the back. It’s a shame, Yes.

I love trouble (1994) / I Love Trouble

detective / thrillerrelease: Charles Sayers cast: Julia Roberts, Nick Nolte, Saul Rubinek, Robert Loggia, James Raeburn

8. Julia Roberts and Nick Naturopatichesky Comedy Charles Shayera «I love trouble» only the most unsophisticated viewer may be misled — everybody knows that Julia Roberts is kind, charming and good only on the screen, in life to endure her obnoxious character — the more the test. On the film with Nick Nolte Roberts has surpassed itself, the conflict between the actors moved in such a hot phase, that even some of the dialogue scenes had to be removed separately from each other. If the viewer managed to fool, no the actors didn’t even try. Public statement by Roberts that disgusting man Nolte, Nick retorted with the fact that he’s obnoxious about Julia’s character and no need to talk about it and so all know.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) / Romeo + Juliet

drama / melodramatised: Bases Luhrmann cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, John Leguizamo, Harold of Perrino, Pete postlethwait

9. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danne so easy to fit into the ranks of Shakespeare film adaptations, of which there are thousands and thousands, but baz Luhrmann’s «Romeo + Juliet» made it. Not only due to modern processing and the hot soundtrack, but also due to the acting work by DiCaprio and Danes, the relations between which, however, the perfect was not perfect. Leo felt his young partner is too tense, Claire, in turn, was in awe of the prank, which drew young DiCaprio addressed to the cast and crew. Dislike didn’t grow up in a big conflict, but not brought together actors, more of Claire Danes rejected the later offer again to play with Leonardo DiCaprio in the «Titanic». One film was enough.

Every Sunday (1999) / Any Given Sunday

drama / sportreisen: Oliver Stong cast: al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James woods, Jamie Foxx

10. Jamie Foxx and LL Cool Futbolnaya drama by Oliver stone tells including about the conflict in the sports locker room of the ambitious beginner and is afraid for his star quality, brought together by the rapper LL Cool J and actor Jamie Foxx. The relationship between them went wrong from the start, and it came to blows. Based on the report from the police (and the set even had to call the cops), Fox «flew» from a partner in the nose, and although LL Cool J claimed that he did it not on purpose, but just wanted to push the actor, the skirmish ended in a mutual scuffle. However, the conflict of «players» is an example of the hostility that came down on no, years after the film LL Cool J and Fox became friends and even recorded a joint track.

Charlie’s angels (2000) / Charlie’s Angels

action / detective / Comedy / adventure / thrillerrelease: Manjiv cast: Cameron Diaz, drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, bill Murray, Sam Rockwell

11. Bill Murray and Lucy of Lutak sometimes it happens that the scandals surrounding the production of the film, the conversations are larger and longer than the painting itself. Something similar happened with the «Charlie’s Angels» McGee — the movie was forgotten almost immediately, but chew over the conflict between bill Murray and Lucy Liu to reporters took another a few months. Murray already not a gift, but in «Angels» he has outdone himself by arranging poured a beating during the takes. The members of the crew told me that not one actor stopped shooting only to tell Lucy how horrible her game, she snapped the obscene image. The film had to stop for a day or two, to calm things down, and finishing work were all expecting more than release from prison.

Hollywood homicide (2003) / Hollywood Homicide

action / detective / Comedy / thrillerrelease: Ron Shelton cast: Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin, Bruce Greenwood, Izaya Washington

12. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnetts one not the partner site Harrison Ford particularly excelled in the criminal Comedy of Ron Shelton’s «Hollywood homicide». Cool attitude to his young partner had resulted in complete detachment of the actors from each other. Hartnett remembers that sometimes they would spend hours sitting opposite each other in anticipation of the start of filming and not something that is not to utter words, but without even looking at each other. However, this silence was interrupted, it was worth the actors to go trailers — the eye of the Ford called Hartnett a «punk» and Josh was called uncle Harrison «old fart». Mutual hatred even became the subject of an advertising campaign of the film that the rental, however, did not help.

Blade 3: Trinity (2004) / Blade: Trinity

action / adventure / Thriller / horror / science fantasiereisen: David S. Goyer cast: Wesley snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds

13. Wesley snipes and Ryan Reynolds that Wesley snipes in a time slightly off the rails, for anybody is not a secret, and after the fact we can only feel sorry for those who had to work with an actor at the peak of his «madness». And this peak was the work on the third film of the franchise, «blade», where snipes refused to communicate with partners and with the Director communicated only through notes written, by the way, from the face of the blade. If someone with this was ready to put up, the Ryan Reynolds like seemed unacceptable, and the conflict actors are almost degenerated into a fight. As a result, the Director David S. Goyer even spread of the shooting days of his stars close-UPS of snipes and Reynolds was shot separately from each other.

The notebook (2004) / The Notebook

drama / melodramatised: Nick Cassavetes cast: Gina Rowlands, James garner, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Tim Ivey

14. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Macadamia of the most striking romantic stories of the last few years, the drama of Nicholas Cassavetes «the notebook» can make cry not only women but also men. The handsome Ryan Gosling and very shy-adorable Rachel McAdams, it would seem, are in this picture perfect couple who have achieved the emotional impact just are completely dissolved in each other on the set. In fact, everything was different — Gosling and McAdams hated each other, and the film could not come out because of the conflict actors. In an interview, Cassavetes said that Gosling once came to him and said that he could no longer play with Rachel and asks to replace the actress. In response, the Director brought the conflicting parties into a single trailer and left to deal one-on-one. Thunder and lightning from the trailer was distributed such that silenced the whole crew. To shoot a movie was a success, but how much nerves it cost for the participants!

The most drunk district in the world (2012) / Lawless

detective / tamarisci: John Hillcoat cast: Shia LaBeouf, Tom hardy, Jason Clarke, guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain

15. Tom hardy and Shia Labarre hardy or LaBeouf good call the impossible — Tom likes to posturologie on people, Shia, by contrast, recently shocking the audience with their visual performances and failures to communicate with the press. What is fraught with the meeting of these two people on the set? Of course, vivid conflict, place of action which was the site of «the Most drunk district in the world!» The exchange of barbs between the duplicates has led to the scuffle, and LaBeouf admits frankly that the first threw up his fists it. We’d love to see this confrontation, but are forced to settle for a reaction hardy, who named his stocky opponent «terrifying». They say LaBeouf was knocked out of «mad max». Hard to believe, but…

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