Color heroes crossed memes on Reddit. That’s what the neural network actually


Reddit users were inspired by Mike wazowski with Sally and now crossed the other characters memes. The main thing is to mennie characters match the colors.

It all started with a post user BillCosbyGANG that crossed baby Yoda from «Mangalore», Shrek, Mike wazowski from «Monsters, Inc.» and Kermit the frog. He called his collage bois Green (Green guys).

Цветных героев мемов скрещивают на Reddit

During the day, the post received 86 thousand upvotes and began to spread in social networks. Other redditors picked up the trend. They using photoshop or applications with neural networks cross heroes memes of a certain color.

Such turned blue guys: Sully from «monsters, Inc.», Megamind and will Smith in the role of Genie from «Aladdin».

Цветных героев мемов скрещивают на Reddit

But red: Lightning McQueen from «Cars», the Ugandan Knuckles, Mr. Krabs from «spongebob Squarepants» and Spiderman.

Purple guys: Waluigi of the games Mario is Evil Robbie from «lazy town», Thanos from «Avengers» and Randall from «monsters, Inc.».

Yellow mennie heroes: spongebob, Lisa Simpson, Pikachu and Winnie the Pooh.

Orange guys: Garfield, Bandicoot Crash out of the game, the Tiger from «Winnie the Pooh» and the President of the United States Donald trump.

The user sphayes1 went ahead and crossed naturalist Steve Irwin, painter Bob Ross, TV host Fred Rogers and actor Keanu Reeves.

New technologies are helping mamnou industry to develop and often give us something really funny. In the early 2020’s popularity in Runet found the telegram-bot of Statelaw, which picks up the image captions.

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