Fakes and feil: 13 fake photos, trapped in the media


Who’s to say it’s a girl…

In 2015, American television was shown Republican campaign commercial in which President Barack Obama was accused of impure tricks with the Iranian elite. In particular, it was shown the photograph of Obama warmly shaking hands with Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani. Nothing, however, savvy journalists quickly found out that Obama never in my life did not meet with Rouhani!

The Iranian President was shamelessly inserted in the place of the Indian Prime Minister, with whom Obama was photographed in 2011. And that and that and another in a turban, a shadow falls like a native. However, the Iranian leader’s hand sticking out of some obscure folds. But who in the American heartland knows how many vestnikov supposed to wear her hijab!

Phenomenon hours people

Classic scandal with hours Breguet for 30 thousand dollars, struck in 2012 with the wrist of the Patriarch Cyril, but the reflection on the polished table, once again proves the truth of school children: all secret becomes obvious.

And no matter how much you explain then what the deuce… that is the watch actually was, nobody denied, not whether the Patriarch of gifts, so what — still a stain on the reputation as the hole in the diary, already not brought forth any excuses.

Canadian pravdoruba

This time in the boot village, the government of Canada. In 2005, the local press service distributed snapshots, which shows American astronaut Stephen Robinson in space on the background of the long white guts with the inscription «Canada». The colon looked fine, to an astronaut, too, no complaints there, but the inscription was so clearly prilepina top hand of a novice designer, what the Economist magazine called it «propaganda lyapom in the style of North Korea».

It looked as if Canada just decided to prebrandirat someone else’s space station. Even the original photos were found without any inscriptions. Importantly, the gut is a really serious space development the government of Canada. It even has the canadian logo, but, unfortunately, not the side where you get the good pictures. Bad, very bad in Canada with the designers.

Aircraft neetika

In 2013, the Iranian authorities published a photo shoot of the new stealth aircraft Qaher-313, which clearly proved the growing engineering and combat power of the young Islamic Republic. However, some experts in their zlopyhaniya blogs I doubt that a plane, shot in the hangar and on the ground, able to rise into the air (from a purely aerodynamic point of view). This young Republic responded promptly and even more convincing: it was released pictures Qaher-313, proudly soaring above the clouds covering the top of the mountain Damavand.

However, meticulous bloggers then dug up a photo of «flying» fighter with the same angle and with the same glare from the photo shoot in the hangar. Well, mount Damavand up to the cloud was discovered in the popular photostocks Agency.

Our jammed!

Heels and short extras certainly help to make a good documentary medium-sized President. But what about at international meetings, where the leader inevitably rubbed shoulders with well-fed colleagues? In the Egyptian state newspaper «al Ahram» found a simple and effective solution.

In the pictures to editorial on peace negotiations in the middle East in 2010, Hosni Mubarak just cut the last of the series, where he modestly trailed, and put at the head of the procession of world leaders.

When journalists were accused of fraud, those are just as confused and didn’t delete the photo, how did our untrained Patriarchate. Egyptian wordsmiths announced that photoshop in this case, an artistic technique which allows you to show the true role of Mubarak in the middle East negotiations.

Not shmogla

Four missiles are always better than three! Especially if instead of fourth while sticking a disreputable object resembling unfired rocket launcher. Apparently, this is common reasoning was guided by Iranian designers, when slightly modified survey of the continental launch of missiles near the Strait of Hormuz in July 2008. This time the world news agencies did not suspect anything and took the picture with four missiles in all its glory. Only random (or not quite) draining into a Network of original photographs revealed the forgery.

Not gonna get us

One day in the midst of the Cycling race «Tour de France» journal Le Parisien published an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy. «You know what I’m a cyclist? Oh! You don’t know! I am a great cyclist! I am a cyclist, my own bodyguard can’t keep up with me, puffing somewhere behind! But I did not expect, not that I’m a cyclist, to someone waiting!» — Nicolas told reporters. They listened and obediently washed the bodyguard with pictures of Sarkozy on the bike. This closet was driving next to the President so that makes a leisurely stroll and not trying to keep up with the great cyclist.

Everywhere fornication

Yes, needless to say, Hillary Clinton missed her chance to put the biggest pig of Orthodox Jewish newspaper «Di Zeitung», when he lost the presidential election. The fact that, in accordance with Orthodox notions of decency in the media do not publish photos of women, and if they accidentally fall into the official timeline, then edit without mercy. That’s what happened on may 9, 2011, when photos of the press service of the White house, in which were captured the historical moment of observation by the us government for the capture of bin Laden, cut Mrs. Hillary, and at the same time, and counterterrorism Director Audrey Thomason, lascivious protruding into the doorway.

When the feminists found out about this Orthodox action, the newspaper, of course, do not faint — I had to apologize. However, we would look at the editorials «Di Zeitung», if Hillary did become mistress of the White house!

I can see everything from above!

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi arrived on a humanitarian visit to flood victim from the city of Chennai, it is in General not meant anything special. Private visit, during which Twitter was published not too good a photo, which the Prime Minister stares at the clouds in the window: «Where’s Chennai? Again, I do not see any trouble!» Apparently, the press service of the Indian government decided that the Chennai in this photo was inexcusable disrespect to the Prime Minister. In the official version in a round window was inserted a flooded metropolis at its best. Alas, it was done so clumsily that even patient the Indians rebelled, and turned another photoshop scandal.

We do not smoke

Still, some people nothing is sacred! Photo of Winston Churchill that adorns the facade of the Museum «Britain during the war» in London in 2010, has been unabashed modifications. One of the most famous images of the Prime Minister, where he shows a sign of victory, has gone a significant detail: in the mouth of the Churchill no cigar! Museum Manager John Welsh was surprised to hear the claims of the visitors who caught him by the distortion of historical facts. Turns out he never ordered the modification of the photos. Apparently, the cigar fell out of his mouth the Prime Minister herself with indignation that the situation of smokers in modern London.

Here’s math!

An unexpected gift was received by the students who study mathematics in Thailand. On the cover of the textbook appeared… Japanese porn star Mana Aoki! Apparently, the designer used the first available Network in any way «diligent students». The result of that curiosity quickly became clear that Japanese porno Thai students know better than the math. Porn star, they calculated immediately after the release of the textbook from the press, so the book had to be removed from stores and libraries.

Collapse all Windows

What to do if you’re sitting behind the monitor, I look some interesting sites (here and now) or even just enjoying a Zen Buddhist serenity of solitaire, and suddenly appears behind an unexpected observer? Of course, in this respect there are certain shortcuts. However, the engineers from BP who carried out the operation to sweep the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, they were apparently unknown. In 2010, the press service of the BP circulated photos from the control post of engineering services, which is extremely concerned about employees sitting in front of monitors, reflecting the pain and tension of submarine combat oil spill.

Fans to look for evidence of photoshop on the official pictures immediately found these photos abundant prey: the edges of the monitors are not docked, the contours of the head of the staff glowed suspicious spots, and everything looked like «business» picture added in the last moment. And so what PornHub was there before, could only guess. Soon even published images showing that BP engineers were sitting just in front of the empty monitors, are unable to correct the impression.

One shot

How to offend two famous women? The recipe is outrageously simple. Classic method was discovered in 1989 by the magazine TV Guide, which is posted on the cover photo of Oprah Winfrey in this glittering dress on a pile of money. In this cover, everything was fine, except that the head of the famous TV presenter was «attached» to the body a completely different star — actress Ann-Margret Olsson. Unfortunately, the magazine did not ask permission from any of the halves of his Frankenstein. Oprah finally said that would never pose like this «indecent dress», to which Ann-Margret replied in a contemptuous silence, which apparently was supposed to mean that she certainly would never pose with a head like that.

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