Original Ford Mustang GT «Bullitt» 1968 will be auctioned (26 photo + 1 video)


In the movie «Bullit» was filmed two Ford Mustang GT, one was found in Mexico at the dump three years ago, and the other was sold to an employee of Warner Brothers Robert Ross.

In 1974 the owner of «Mustang» was Robert Kernan. Forty-five years ago sports car American cost $6,000, the equivalent of $30,200 in today’s money.

The car was used as everyday vehicle for several years, until the early 1980s, he did not deny the grip when mileage 105 000 km.

In 1977 in the role of Frank Bullitt, actor Steve McQueen tried to buy this Mustang has a new owner, but he refused.

For some reason the owner decided not to repair the car and put the Mustang in the garage. To revive sports car, decided in 2001, however, due to illness of the owner the work was suspended. After the death of Robert Kirnan the car was inherited by his son, Sean.

Due to this Mustang in 1968 is preserved almost intact with the maximum number of original parts. Major repairs has been only 6.4-liter V8.

This year it decided to sell.

Auction will be held January 10, in Kissimmee.

Estimate to be announced, but experts expect that rates will rise to $4,000,000. This car has all chances to become the most expensive Ford Mustang.

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