The woman jumped into the river to save a drowning dog


Jane Harper from Newark, Nottinghamshire (UK) was walking with his girlfriend and three of its own dogs on the banks of the river Trent. Friend noticed in the water drowning dog. Jane, without hesitation, rushed into the water and tried to pull the dog. Shocked, the woman discovered that the dog leg is attached to the bag with a large stone inside.

The woman says: «In the beginning I thought the dog was dead, but then she blinked. I began to pull it out and then found tied to her bag with the stone. I think the dog from last forces fought to raise his head above the water, not sure how long she was in the water, but the forces she had at the end. Who could so cruel to do with her?»

Women called to the scene the police, thanks to the microchip, the dog was identified as Bella.
She is currently recovering at a local vet.

Despite the fact that the dog is still very ill health, she shows some encouraging signs when eating, so there is hope that everything will be okay.

Male, 32, and woman, 31, arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty, was released on bail. Inspector Heather Sutton, inspector of police, Nottinghamshire in the heart of Newark, said: «Despite the fact that we made two arrests, I urge anyone with any information as soon as possible to contact the police. Investigation of animal cruelty can often be very complex, so it is important to look into the matter to bring the perpetrators to justice.»

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