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You write that there are taxi drivers that taxis for the soul. Yes, that is. Because I myself at one time, working in the office, were the weekend nights to go and potasovki. And in my experience, I think this thing continues until, until something unpleasant. In Russian, until you are on your ass adventure

Specifically, in my case, once I hooked a guy with a girl. On the way we stopped at one of the address and the car stuck three more guys. The four of us piled in the back seat, and like the ride was a couple of blocks, but in the end it turned out that before you get to me, they are with someone had a fight. One bleeding ( whether shanked bit, or fight something, don’t remember well all details for many years).
In General, was taken to the hospital. Do not take failed, as noticed bad the glitter of steel somewhere in the back seat someone. Did not find out what it was. I think will drop and then I’m gone, let them understand. But as it turned out, that one and some people with a criminal record, then go from the gate of the hospital before admitting they were too lazy. Yes, and expires one blood, and walking well, can not. In General, I had to go into the closed area of the hospital where me and braked the police car. Moreover, not having arrived before the porch. Don’t know how they got there, but the driver’s license they took.

Those screaming that the conductive their friend will be dead, and go on to the emergency room. I have no identity, which was left to the police. Upon reaching the emergency room, all the passengers fall out of the car and go to the emergency room. Then the police arrived, I explained the situation, which turned out to be. Rights returned, and a second later I was driven from this place…

Another similar story happened with my friend. He planted two of the guys who had half the night to ride around the city with the oversight of the throat with a knife. But in the end, it all ended well, and his passengers piled plenty of fun. After this, of course, he never imprisoned anyone for a ride.

I also hunt quickly got out to ride with passengers.

However this story was in 2006, and the passengers were «borders», as we called them. That is who voted on the roadside. Rent walkie talkies were expensive, SMS not many orders came in while on the road could often be found ordering.

Now I think changed a little bit , and became safer. But the ride for the soul I prefer no random passengers.


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