About 500 000 000 animals died in fires in Australia


Nearly half a billion animals killed in forest fires in Australia probably destroyed entire species. By estimates of ecologists from the University of Sydney, since September has killed 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles, and this figure will probably continue to grow.

A kangaroo scurries past a burning house on the background of the apocalyptic fire in Conjola, New South Wales.

Only in the last few days in the States of Victoria and New South Wales burst into the destructive fire, in which several people were killed or went missing. Many houses along the East coast of Australia wiped off the face of the earth, with the result that thousands of people were stranded and many were forced to take refuge in the only safe place for them — the ocean.
The tragic photos and videos captured a kangaroo, desperately trying to flee from the fire, at the same time, the team of rescuers found the charred bodies of thousands of koalas, cockatoos dead fall from trees.

Firefighters and rescue workers give water to the Koala, rescued from fire in New South Wales in November.

A kangaroo stands on the charred vegetation after a forest fire in the Cape Wallaby, New South Wales.

Kangaroo near the house in Colo heights

The world looks with horror at one of the worst in Australia’s seasonal forest fires, when in the pictures the sky was bright red, like an apocalyptic horror movie.
Koalas are most affected animals Australia because they move slowly and eat only eucalyptus tree leaves, which contain oil, making them flammable. It is believed that up to 8,000 animals — a third of the population of koalas on the North coast of New South Wales — died less than four months.

The representative of the Environmental Council for the protection of nature mark Graham told Australian Parliament that the fires burned «so hot and so fast» that there was a «significant loss» of animals, especially in the trees. He added: «Now there is such a large area that is still burning and we probably will never find the body.» Volunteer at animal rescue of Tracy Burgess said her center saw fewer animals than expected who came for treatment, and it is «alarming.»

In the beginning of this week smoke during forest fires in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

A firefighter walks past burning trees in New South Wales in the New year’s eve.

People took refuge on beaches as soon as the fires intensified.

Finn Marion, 11 years old, together with his family off the coast Mallacoota in East Gippsland Victoria

Environment Minister Susan Ley said that the true number of animal deaths will not be known until then, until «the fires will not cease and will not be held a proper assessment».

Thousands of people were left homeless. They provide aid and evacuate to safer areas.

The top view shows the consequences of forest fires in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Sign in Pambula, new South Wales, the New South Wales invites «evacuated» to come for a meal, take a shower or just for help.
The helicopters will help evacuate 4,000 people caught up in Mallacoota in the Eastern part of Gippsland Victoria, where the family take refuge on the beaches, and there is the large migration of people from the South coast of New South Wales. Phone lines and Internet are disabled. Forecasters warned that conditions could again deteriorate due to strong winds and temperature, which is expected to reach 46 ° C.

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