Husband with his own hands made modest repairs in the apartment the small funds to the delight of his wife


Everyone wants to live in good housing conditions, clean and tidy. However, often to make repairs is not so easy. This requires considerable funds, time and effort. It is especially difficult for men who constantly hear reproaches in the address.

However, the hero of this article was able to show his best. He decided to please his beloved and made her repairs in their one-room apartment. In this dwelling for many years did not make even minor repairs. However, it is worth noting that the man had a very small budget. The entire mess he made with his own hands.

He changed the window and the flooring, removed the old yellowed Wallpaper. The man did a overhaul in the bathroom. The owner of the house chose trim in soothing tones that were not pretentious, but only comfort. Several odds and turned out to be luxurious to repair. Wife was delighted with her husband’s work.


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