The Bridal shop were surprised by a display of wheelchair


2019 was marked by the inclusion (identity) in the world of fashion and probably 2020 will continue this trend. Last summer came the clothing brands for people with various disabilities and chronic illnesses, and more and more marketing campaigns include the model that does not look as if descended from the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalogs.

Recently, the store The White Collection Bridal in Portishead, UK, there was a display mannequin in a wheelchair.

The store Manager Beth Wilson (Beth Wilson) wrote on his page in Instagram: «in creating this showcase, we never even thought to share her photos in the social. networks, it seems that it happened by itself — people know about us.
We would like to thank you all for your kind comments. We never thought that our showcase will attract so much attention, but it actually opened (worldwide!) Discussion about inclusiveness in this industry, and it is very good! «
Users in wheelchairs joined in, expressing regret that this type of inclusiveness that did not exist previously

«Inclusion is surprising,» said one Twitter user. «This should be the norm, it’s great, especially in regard to a Bridal shop, I’ve never seen anything like it,» writes another woman.

Someone noted that this is not the first time they saw a dummy in a wheelchair

Dressed in the costume the mannequin was exhibited in one of the shops in Tokyo.

People confined to a wheelchair, shared her wedding photos

«I once saw on TV store, which was the mannequins in wheelchairs and crutches. Never seen anything like it in real life. Nice to see that it exists! «—wrote one of the wearer of the network.

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