A kitten left out in the cold in a garbage bag, but good people saved the time it


Before you have a pet, each person should realize its responsibility. Can’t play it and quit. You have to love and take care of him, give your pet a family and warmth. However, many of those among us for whom the life of the animal plays no role. They play and then just disposed of.

This black little kitten left on the porous die. He was wrapped in a garbage bag, threw it away as the dirt from the house. Defenseless kitten humbly waited for fate. But the world not without kind people. Passers-by found this package of weird and decided to check. They found a little kitten that was frozen and was on the verge of death.


He was taken to a veterinary clinic. After a long treatment and careful care, the kitten is on the mend. After it is set in an orphanage, where he was given the nickname Cartoon. The volunteers gave him care, love, warmth. The baby has become more sociable. And soon kitten found a family where he was truly happy. Just a pity that its former owners will not incur any punishment.



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