How to look grown-up daughter «Mumiy Troll» Ilya Lagutenko


And do you remember a performer who was popular in the 90’s? Remember when Elijah songs sounded from each iron. Group «mummy Troll» to this day enjoys popularity among music lovers of our Motherland. However, little-known details of the personal life of the soloist of group.

Ilya Lagutenko was married twice. In the first marriage from «Mumiy Troll» was born the son and the second wife gave Illya two beautiful daughters.


Ilya and his wife Anna met in 2007. The successful model was not able to resist the charm of the flamboyant artist.


Soon the couple gave birth to first daughter Valentina Veronica. Parents naming your baby Vivi. After a year on the date of birth of Leticia.

Now girls 9 and 10 years, and the famous dad had to remove them in the clip.


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