A gas explosion in an apartment house in Tver was on video (3 photo + 1 video)


On the morning of 2 January in one of the apartments of the house №19 along the Boulevard Gusev in Tver has occurred explosion of household gas. It all happened when living in the apartment the woman started to cook back of a Breakfast for my husband. Affected owners of the apartment were quickly taken to hospital.

The incident occurred in one of the apartments on the third floor of a residential building at 6:20 am . In the result of emergency suffered two people. A man and a woman received second-degree burns, are quickly delivered to the medical institution, the building was evacuated about fifty people.
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The gas exploded at the moment when the landlady tried to cook her husband who came from work.

The house was damaged – the blast blew out window frames and concrete fence of the loggia, in the course of the inspection it was found the cracks in the ceiling, floor and external wall.

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