9 animal spies


Our younger brothers (we are now about animals) — ideal candidates for spies: easily trained, quick and small, they distract your attention with its cute appearance, and themselves at this time learn your secrets.

Cat British Minister

Freya, the cat of Britain’s Finance Minister George Osborne, suspected in espionage in favor of China. In 2009, when Osbourne was still an opposition politician, Freya went missing and was found only in 2011, when her owner moved to a residence on Downing street.

What did the cat during your absence, is unknown, but some sources claim that it could be trained in a spy school, to implant under the skin listening devices, and then to ferret out the military secrets of Britain.

Giant vulture

In January 2016 over Lebanese territory near the town of Bint jubayl, there was a huge vulture (the bird’s wingspan was nearly 2 meters!). Local residents were alarmed not only the size of the fretboard, but the fact of the tracker on his tail. The bird was nearly tried for espionage in favor of Israel.

It turned out that this part of the research program for restoration of populations of vultures in the middle East, and the troublemaker escaped (I mean flew) out of the reserve. As the Lebanese had failed to prove that Grif was engaged in any unlawful activity (other than violations of the airspace), let him go.


A dead Falcon with a camera was discovered in 2013 on the border of India and Pakistan. The Indian authorities have suggested that he was a scout of Pakistan, sent to photograph a military camp of Indians nearby.

But a detailed study of spyware ammunition forced the Indian authorities to abandon the idea since the camera was too small and unprofessional to do a halfway decent shots. Presumably the Falcon belonged to the Pakistani hunters.

Sharks-Mossad agents

After a series of shark attacks on tourists in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2010, some sources in the Egyptian press suggested that it is the work of Mossad. They say the Israeli intelligence service are specially trained animals to ensure that they attacked tourists and undermined the tourist business in Egypt. (Later, as we remember, this successfully managed local terrorists.)


During the Napoleonic wars, a French ship sank off the coast of North-Eastern England, near the village of Hartlepool. When the locals came out to look at the wreckage of the ship, they saw that the only survivor a monkey dressed in a copy uniform of the French army.

Never seen the French (as, apparently, and monkeys), the English peasants adopted her as a spy, and interrogated, but as she did not answer a single question, was sentenced to death and hanged.


In 2007, Iranian authorities detained at the border 14 protein-spies, as reported by news Agency IRNA. All proteins were equipped with spy equipment and conducted intelligence activities in favor of the UK for two weeks. From the British side, this message is denied.


August 20, 2015 in Gaza detained Israeli spy. It appeared to be a Dolphin, which, according to the Palestinian movement «Hamas» watched the military exercises. Military pulled the Dolphin to the shore and found it (in their words) device for remote control and camera for filming underwater. Moreover, according to some, the Dolphin was armed with a device that shoots small arrows.


Brave Egyptian fishermen in 2013 neutralized the Swan, which later turned out to be a stork (here it is, the miracle of masking!). The bird was taken into custody and accused of espionage in favor of France. The reason why the stork came under suspicion, was an electronic device, not his body. As it turned out, the device was completely peaceful. Bird helped the scientists to track the seasonal migration routes of storks.

Cats and dogs

The UK has recently declassified documents from the National archives containing information on two cats and one dog suspected of spying for the Nazis during the Second world war. Animals are often seen crossing the border, and it is assumed that they worked connected. Unfortunately, more accurate data about their activities there (or they’re not declassified, asks us to add our editor conspiracy).

BONUS Cat is a spy

In the 1960-ies in CIA is really going to use cats as spies. But the experiment did not develop, since the first field test (a specially trained cat with a listening device had to overhear the conversation of the men in the Park) she was hit by a taxi just at the moment when she was traveling to his job.

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