17 examples of absurd creativity that will make you laugh from the heart


Funny bloopers that will make laugh to tears.
Our compatriots know that in order to extricate himself from a difficult situation, you need to think outside the box. But as you know, from genius to stupidity one step. We collected 17 examples of absurd creativity that will make you laugh from the heart. All good mood!

1. «You know, usually the curtains are hung inside the apartment, not outside»

The original placement of the curtains. | Photo: Yaplakal.

2. Milk? For some it’s yellow… Probably ruined.

It’s like these people don’t know anything about milk! | Photo: Ribalych.ru.

3. According to Novate.ru, the lying police officer working undercover

An undercover police officer. | Photo: Tuz.kz.

4. «I think our city reconstruction plan failed!»

Old house pretended to be new, but something went wrong… | Photo: Difundir.ORG.

5. Do not share a wall…

Outlet and decor… | Photo: Ribalych.ru.

6. From the outside it does not seem a good idea…

Extreme transportation. | Photo: myBike.gr.

7. How could, and dressed up!

«One, two, three-herringbone burn!» | Photo: Umbra.

8. Some of the things certainly will reach, but everything else is unnecessary!

Not all things will reach… | Photo: the World of facts.

9. Educate clever children

Extreme slide. | Photo: Differently.no. Advertising

10. Such a big boy and jeans backwards…

«And this even with jeans failed…» | Photo: Smiles TV.

11. «I can not understand, it is a bathroom or an auditorium?»

And chairs for support groups, maybe… | Photo: BoredBug.

12. «The child in the trash? You are all in my mind?»

Bucket for naughty children. | Photo: Izismile.com.

13. «Ice cream with the taste of breast milk? So-so idea!»

And how? There are fans? | Photo: Mixnews.

14. «My job is to apply layout! Remove branches — not my problem!»

A clever layout. | Photo: Izismile.com.

15. «Oh, well, the fire extinguisher of hope place is not worth it! Will burn, but will not be!»

This is much harder than to break the glass. | Photo: Ribalych.ru.

16. Urinal in women’s toilet, apparently for ladies who work hard to struggle for equality

Surprise in the women’s restroom. | Photo: DIY Projekte.

17. «Yes, this column is almost as good as new!»

Easy cosmetic repairs. | Photo: DIY Projekte.

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