10 proven ways on how to avoid (and facilitate) the hangover


New year’s eve promises many of us not just a glass of Prosecco, and a decent dose of all different. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of party where drinking is not just accepted, but required. And if in ordinary life you’re friends with only do dry well, or a maximum of two cocktails, in the New Year, it is likely on the holiday table will be a wide variety of alcohol. We have compiled a list of proven tips that will prevent a hangover.

More vitamins

The day before the holiday increase the dose of vitamins and antioxidants. They will not save you from the adverse effects, however, minimize the damage. Especially in terms of the skin.

Some sports

Before the holidays would do well to conduct training. Although you’re probably right, that is unrealistic. If not a full workout, or at least a charger, strap and a little sit-UPS. It is, first and foremost, will help run the body faster, and will turn on.

Eat a lot

But this is for the feast. Do not deny yourself food. Especially in the meat (if in ordinary life it is present in your diet). The fact that animal protein helps to absorb toxins, which means the morning will be less of a problem.

Drink less sweet

Refers to less alcohol with high sugar levels. If the wine is dry. If the spirits that (sorry) vodka or whiskey. In General you get the gist.

Less cigarettes

If you smoke, new year’s eve miss a few cigarettes. In the morning I say thank you. And you and your skin.

Don’T mix

The Golden rule, which you should learn once and for all. If you can’t sit on one thing, go on increasing. And no more than two types of beverages.

More dancing

New year’s eve dance all. And it’s not just a good tradition. In fact, the more activity, the more it speeds up the metabolism. And therefore the alcohol faster.

For Breakfast something unwholesome

On the morning after the party, give yourself a hamburger or bacon and eggs. This will help to recover and will recover faster.

No chamomile tea

Herbal teas that soothe the nerves, slow down the process of metabolism. In other words, chamomile tea leave the next day.

Drink more water

Another rule that should be remembered regardless of the circumstances. In the case of a hangover, dehydration is one of the most faithful of your satellites. Therefore, two liters the morning after a holiday, your rate.

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