Deadlines for tests of bomber, the PAK DA


Became known the details of the contract on the development of advanced bomber, the PAK DA. The document contains the planned tests and the start of production of the machine. In the air it will rise in the spring of 2023, the series will go in 2027.

Fourteenth January 2020, the newspaper «Izvestia» reported on its official website that in the hands of its employees got a copy of the contract Tupolev design Bureau on the implementation of development work on promising long-range aviation strategic bomber, the PAK DA.

Установлены сроки испытаний бомбардировщика ПАК ДА

According to the document, by April 2023 shall be produced three prototypes of the machine. From this point on will start their pre-test lasting about two and a half years, i.e. until the fall of 2025. In February 2026, the bomber should go to the state trials, and in 2027 is planned to start its serial production. In General, these terms correspond to earlier statements of the Ministry of defence and even a little ahead of them in 2017 was mentioned that to raise in the air, the PAK DA will be able to 2025, while production will not begin until 2028. Study individual systems of the PAK DA will begin early to build prototypes in — so, the engine will begin testing this year, and not only on stand but also in the air, using a flying laboratory based on the Il-76. Also from the document became known to the crew of the PAK DA for three prototypes ordered 12 ejection seats, i.e. the crew of each car will be four people, and the Tu-160.

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