Timeline: how the popular Western memes


The website Know Your Meme made a video visualization of how changing the popular Western memes. In the timeline entered the top memes from 2011 to 2019.

The video lasts 3 minutes and starts rage-comics that were in trend in the beginning of the decade. As seen in the infographic, in 2011 the most popular were Forever Alone and Trollface.

[embedded content]

2013 top memes took the Pink guy, Grumpy Cat and the Dog. Sly dog stayed at its peak for more than 3 quarters.

The faster time flies, the more it becomes memes. And the faster they change their popularity. Readers of «Mamapedia» chose your top main memes of the decade. And we remembered what’s new in the world of memes over the past 10 years, and predicted trends of the next decade.

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