The Russians regretted not saving up money for old age. The worst situation of the Urals

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Older Russians do not have enough money for a comfortable old agePhoto: Alexander Elizarov © URA.RU

More than 70% of Russians over the age of 50 don’t believe a secure old age and regret not having begun to save money for retirement. As found in the non-state pension Fund (NPF) Sberbank pessimistic just for the future in old age, watching the inhabitants of the Urals, the Far East and St. Petersburg.

According to the researchers, saving for retirement will have 87% of the residents of the Urals, North-West district (77,8%) Central Russia (66.7 percent), write «Izvestia«. In the regions believe that their own savings are not enough for a comfortable life in retirement.

Only 13% of respondents admitted that saving money for retirement. While most regret the undone savings in the Urals and in the Volga region (28,3%) and the far East (29,7%). The researchers note that it is mainly those citizens whose income does not exceed 35 thousand rubles.

The Russians admitted that if returned to 10-20 years ago, that would have opened a Bank Deposit (32.6 per cent) bought a property (29,7%), hoarding cash (11.4%) and would make investment in securities, including in foreign currency (9.7 per cent). (The NPF survey conducted in November—December 2019 among 1,600 people in 30 Russian regions).

Experts interviewed by «Izvestia», noted that the habit of saving a small percentage of income must be from her youth. However, recognize that low income does not allow you to make savings. «They live for today and not plan a life for years to come — too much could change,» — said the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich. He recalled that only in the last 20 years, the state held three-four pension reform.

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