Appear before the court a fraudster who stole the personal data of the customers of the Ural branch of Sberbank

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The young man admitted his guilt in fullPhoto: Catherine sychkova © URA.RU

In Volgograd will appear in court ex-employee of OOO «national collection service» Anton Buturlakin, which in October last year, stole and sold personal information of more than five thousand clients of the Ural branch of Sberbank.

Database 5 200 customers Buturlakin, according to investigators, sold for 40 thousand rubles, by signing up in the network darknet as «Anton 2131», writes «Kommersant«. As a collector he had access to special software, which is used to provide control over electronic documents containing Bank secrecy.

To work in NSW Buturlakin started from 1 October last year. After a few days in the savings Bank discovered the leak first 200 and then 5 thousand clients of the Ural branch of the Bank. In finorganizatsii then said that leaks of customer data from the Bank or its affiliates was not.

In NSW acknowledged that their employee was really abusing his position, had access to a limited segment of the customer data of one of the partners for further sale. The young man fully admitted his guilt. It will be judged by (part 3 of article 183 of the criminal code) «Illegal receipt and disclosure of information constituting commercial, tax or Bank secret».

The head of Sberbank German Gref, commenting on the leak of personal data 5 thousand clients of the Bank, noted that prior to this incident, the Bank had focused on protecting data from outside attacks, but at the same time devoted much effort to the internal security. The incident, according to a top Manager, was «harsh lesson» for the Bank.

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