The girl accidentally poured all the sugar into the drink and showed how God created some people


The network has become a viral video with a black girl who added sugar to the drink and accidentally poured the whole jar. People have decided that this is what God was like when we added someone certain traits, but overdone.

The original video posted on YouTube, Andrea from Texas. The woman wrote that her 11-year-old daughter were preparing the drink the Kool-Aid, but accidentally poured the whole jar of sugar.

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The video was published in September 2018, but the virus was only in November 2019 after he posted Tictoc-public Memes. In January 2020 the video began to disperse in Twitter account.

Twitter users created a separate meme format. They compare the girl with God-and sugar — with the personal qualities that he gives people. People joke that God overdid it and accidentally made some human traits are more noticeable.

God adds a bitchy face when creating me

God puts his forehead when creating me

God adds tearfulness when creating me

God gives me lust

God gives me lust

God puts pride, when it creates people

God adds to the stupidity when it creates me

Tiktok increasingly influences the MEM-industry and offers a new popular formats. In the past year got more and more popular meme , «Woman tries Kombucha», created on the basis of video Tiktok.

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