Puzzle of the week: as the climber to descend from a cliff


The situation in which it may be each of us, if he did not have enough money on a long rope.

So at the very top of a hundred-meter cliffs was a climber. The same hammered ring in which you can secure the rope.

Below, right in the middle of the rock, i.e. at the height of 50 meters there is a small area where another hammered ring.

The equipment includes a climbing rope with a length of 75 meters and a knife. The knife is sharp enough to easily cut these ropes.

Question: How does one get down from a cliff? After all, he lacks 25 feet of rope.

This problem has a solution, and you can peep below, but we suggest you first think. Much time it will take, and the decision is very witty.

We cut the rope into two segments of 50 meters and 25 meters.

A 25-meter piece fastened at one end to a ring on the other end make a solid loop. In the loop is threaded 50-foot piece and fold it in half (2×25 m).

The resulting structure will have a length of 50 meters, which is enough for the descent to the second ring. Reaching the bottom with the ring, we pull out a long rope from the loop. And calm down with it to the ground.

P. S. If you’ve solved the problem yourself, you’ll be able to come down from the cliffs without rope, with your mind.

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