In Russia may appear private bailiffs

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Private bailiffs will recover the debts only in favor of legal entitiesPhoto: Vladimir Gavrikov © URA.RU

The establishment of the Institute of private bailiffs was supported by the Ministry of Finance. They will provide the right to engage a collection in favor of business.

The Ministry of Finance in the review of budget expenditures on the implementation of the functions and powers of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) has prescribed the recommendation that private bailiffs should contribute to «optimization of expenditures of the Federal budget,» and «the efficiency of functioning of system of compulsory execution», says RBC.

Private bailiffs will recover the debts only in favor of legal entities, the functions of debt collection in favor of government agencies and individuals will be for the FSSP.

The Finance Ministry said that Russia has similar experience: there are already a collection Agency and the Institute of private investigation, which can find as property of the debtor, and not involving the question of the interior Ministry. The Department explained that the share of debt collection in favor of legal entities accounted for 24% of all cases, but these debts make up the lion’s share of the total amount to be recovered (7.3 trillion of 10.4 trillion rubles by the end of 2018).

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