Cyberbullying (7 photos)


Cyberbullying is electronic bullying or online cruelty, is a kind of bullying intentional aggressive actions systematically over a long period, carried out by a group or individual using electronic forms of interactions directed at a victim who can not defend themselves.

Cyberbulling is one of the most destructive types of online attacks, attackers use the uncertainty of the victim in order to cause the most psychological trauma and humiliation. Often all begins with a banal trolling. K. usually manifested in sending messages with threats or posting degrading victims of photos and videos in social networks, even creating fake web sites with humiliating the victim information.
K. is in addition to the usual harassment, which the aggressor chooses as the spread of its influence or power by the abuse of the victim ( especially if she is obviously weaker and cannot respond ), thereby increasing their social status. Most often, this person publishes their insults anonymously, hiding behind a made-up name, but can act under their own, often in that case, if the victim is weaker and does not represent a threat. Most of these people have the ability to speak only in the online space, at home they did not find the courage to say such to the victim’s face.
Cibber. it is easy to recognize. Any derogatory, abusive or threatening message sent in electronic form, it is. This includes humiliating pictures or videos posted on social networks without consent of the victim. Fake social networking profiles or web sitescreated to discredit the victim, also belong to this category. The tools and tactics used by the villains, seems to be simple, however, the greatest difficulty in fighting them is the recognition of ashamed or frightened victims that they are.

Unfortunately on the website are not prohibited verbal harassment in the comments. From the beginning it was not clear why a lady with such anger latched on to author a neutral post. He said to her.

Unfortunately, K seems to be as ineradicable as the very meanness of some people. No little difficulty is the attempt to suppress the publication of the aggressor, discrediting the victim information, whether through the post in a social network, web site or video, so as to ensure that the resource Manager has removed this content, you need to go through an incredibly complex procedure. Even if you do succeed, veroyatnee all, there are already copies of published materials, making it virtually mesozoikum their full and permanent deletion .

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