A simple trick like once and for all solve the problem sapotaweyak glasses in the car


The misting in the car is a serious problem that can be encountered at any time of the year. Most often it happens for «weather reasons». To combat the fogging is very difficult. The most important thing is that to wipe the glass every time and to ventilate the car is extremely tiring. Therefore, the problem should be solved «rationally».

Help filler. /Photo: liveinternet.ru.

What you will need: a pair of socks, the cat litter tray

For a start it is worth noting that we are interested in not wood filler for the cat tray, and the one that is made of silicagel shock absorber. Exactly the same ingredient, if desired, can be extracted from tiny bags, put shoes. However, in the context of the situation, the filler will be much more accessible source of the precious resource.

Put in the car. /Photo: twitter.com.

The essence of this method of struggle against misting is very simple. You need to take a sock (whole and without holes) and fill it with a filler. If you want you can use something more or less similar bag. You can even sew it yourself. The main thing that he was from cotton fabric. Prepared a «trap» spread throughout the cabin. One sock you can throw in the trunk.

No more fogging. /Photo: dits-servis.by.

Should also add that silica gel can be used many times. Prior to re-use already ready you just need socks to dry in the oven at a temperature of 100 degrees. Alternatively, it is possible to use the Central heating.



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