Streaks from the wipers on the glass: how to fix the problem quickly and without spending


A lot of enthusiasts nowadays facing the same common problem as the problematic functioning of pamyua windshield. Because of this frankly annoying windshield wipers leave streaks and stains. In the end, the review could be even worse than to attempt to wash the glass. Many in this situation, then run to change brush cleaner however, this approach often does not produce the desired result.

Most likely the problem is not the brushes. |Photo:

The problem is that in fact, in most cases, stains on glass are not due to wear of the wiper blades, and due to the fact that they are properly secured. And this in turn means that to change the bands is a thankless task and even empty. To solve this kind it is necessary to approach the solution from fundamentally different directions.

The issue should be promptly addressed. |Photo:

Recall that the windshield wiper pressed against the glass of the car with a special spring which closes to protect from outer impact a special metal case. Despite the presence of the flap, over time the spring wears out, and ceases to provide the proper force for the reason that banal stretches. Accordingly, no efforts are needed on correct cleaning the windshield and speech can not be.

That’s where the problems begin. |Photo:

Important: many drivers in the winter leaving the machine used to lift the wiper blades. It helps protect the wipers from icing, but at the same time leads to accelerated wear of the spring.

To fix the problem — cut or replace the spring. ¦Photo:

In order to solve the problem, you must first remove the wiper leashes. Will help in this case, a specialized key. It will greatly facilitate the work. Then removed the spring. It should be cut round so that it was shorter, but it increased its tensile force. After this will put the spring in place and the wipers will be like new.

Note: of course, you can do better and just buy and install a new spring.

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