Spot the difference (4 photos)


There will be three photos.Need to find the differences.

1. This is the future head of Department on public relations of the Rostov region.

According to the management region,the model and star of playboy, will be able «to establish cooperation between the government and the public.»

A large number of subscribers will be able to save budget funds for activities». The girl said that they are ready to work for the good of people, though still waiting for the end of their studies in London.

2. This is the current head of Department on fight against corruption of the municipality of Rostov-on-don.
Former miss city showgirl pole dance!Management believes that the «Girl has a good education, but photography is just a hobby, nothing on personal social networks to climb».
Having worked as the Deputy head of administration of organizational and personnel issues, has been promoted and appointed head of Department on fight against corruption.

Well, this is the teacher, fired over a bikini. The photo was taken during a winter swimming. After pressure from the school she had to write the application at own will.

Looking for the differences!

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